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Puck Saint

softSoft is a collaboration between two friends looking to manifest their most hidden creative whims into reality. With interests and skills spanning multliple disciplines, softSoft aims to produce artwork that is meaningful and fun, whether the works take the form of comics, illustration, textiles, games, sculpture, or anything else imaginable.

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Puck (she/hers) is a cartoonist and sleep cultist living in the U.S. Midwest. A reformed productivitist, she now works in pursuit of artistic expression for its own sake. Through her creative journey, she hopes to disentangle the mysteries of black inkwork and what makes a compelling comic. To all that join her along the way, as readers or collaborators, thank you.

Docile (they/he) is a transsexual furry fascinated by fairytale, fantasy, and horror. Lover of unicorns, of viscera, of mirth and misery. They’re feeding the flames of their imagination that they once mistakenly believed had burned out. His work focuses on relationships between queer people and reflections on the many facets of what makes up a person. Docile draws inspiration from their experiences as a mixed race person growing up in the American south, weird animated movies, poetry, fashion, and the screaming they just can’t ignore from within.

Together, we are softSoft!